Persatuan Pembangunan Artisans

Artisans Development Association, Malaysia

Our Mission

Work with corporate sponsors to develop a viable distribution for artisans & homebased enterprises to become sustainable businesses with annual turnover of at least RM50K

Our History

We started as part of The Artisans Haven, set up by Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd on 10.10.2020. We observed and based on feedback, in addition to traffic, our tenants needed help with distribution – help to sell. We invested our monies, to test marketability & distribution opportunities of selected products.

We hosted live shows, posted & advertised on social media and google, as well as on-ground events at friendly shopping malls. We collaborated with supportive corporates and organized contests to drive sales.

We found that artisans, homebased and small businesses need help to test public response to their products, access to more cost-effective distribution and participation in umbrella contests. They benefited from economies of scale when pooled together.

This led to the formation of an independent association working pro bono to help the development of artisans and homebased businesses. Persatuan Pembangunan Artisans (Artisans Development Association, Malaysia) was created.

Executive Committee

ChairpersonJade Lee
Deputy ChairpersonTiffany Loh
Secretarial & AdminIrene Wong
Deputy Secretarial & AdminLeong Hong Kin
Operations & FinanceJoanne Go